Cereneum, A New Interest-Bearing Token On Ethereum.

Cereneum is a brand new concept in cryptocurrency: a time-based interest-bearing Cryptographic Certificate of Interest (CCOI) on the Blockchain. Airdrops are given based on five of the most popular PoW cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Earn interest by staking your Cereneum for set periods of time.

The rate of interest you earn is based on how long you stake your Cereneum as well as the amount of the stake. Cereneum uses Pooled Interest, which means interest paid to stakers is higher when less tokens are staked. Stake periods can vary from one week to as long as five years, with the interest rising with the length of the stake. The more Cereneum that is staked the lower the supply available on the market, which can mean higher prices.

Unclaimed tokens are redistributed daily to stakers during the course of the year-long claiming period, greatly increasing their holdings.

Early unstakers are penalized, with those penalties distributed among current stakers. Additionally, there are bonuses available to those that utilize the referral program.



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