Can It Rise By 36% To Hit the Target of $0.094?

Cardano has seen a month of falling prices during April 2019, with its cryptocurrency ADA falling by a total of 13.72% over the past 30 trading days. Cardano is now currently trading at a price of around $0.6865, sitting comfortably in the 10th place in the top-ranked cryptocurrency projects. Cardano currently holds a market cap value of $1.78 billion.

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Despite recent price declines during April 2019, the market is still up by a total of 79% over the previous 90 trading days. The 14-month-old cryptocurrency project is now swiftly closing in on the 9th position, occupied by Stellar (XLM), which sits a mere $160 million away from Cardano’s market cap value.

In this article, we will take a look at Cardano’s potential to rise by 36% in May 2019 and…

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