SERO Flight anonymous trading wallet settled in BeeStore and online AMA

May 6th, 2019, SERO, SERO

 Flight Anonymous Transaction Wallet officially joined the BeeStore Developer Ecology. At the same time, in order to facilitate the global user download experience, the world's first anonymous ecological wallet SERO Flight, SERO

 Flight has officially entered BeeStore, the world's largest blockchain app store, and users can download the experience directly through BeeStore.

SERO [Super Zero]

 The world's first blockchain-based platform that implements privacy protection based on zero-knowledge proof technology and supports Turing's complete smart contract operation. As the first light wallet in the SERO ecosystem, SERO

 The Flight Wallet greatly protects the privacy of users' digital currency transactions.

BeeStore is committed to bringing the best blockchain application download experience environment to blockchain enthusiasts. Based on business mutual aid and win-win, BeeStore…

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