Bitcoin is Dominating Crypto Taking Over 90% of All Mining Fees

When considering Bitcoin dominance in terms of market cap and trading volume, spare a thought for the poor miners. The miners of other altcoins, that is, as they share under 10% of the total fees value between them.

Only Bitcoin (and Ethereum) Mining Truly Earns A Fee

According to figures from, Bitcoin miners collected nearly $754,000 in fees over the past 24-hours. All other cryptocurrencies combined (with data available) brought in just $76,000 in fees, meaning Bitcoin dominance stood at almost 91%

The lion’s share of the other 9.1% was from Ethereum with $73,000; third placed Litecoin languished behind with just under $1500, whilst Dash (in fourth) brought in just $235.

So from the miners’ point of view there is little inclination to mine anything but Bitcoin (and…

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