Şant Manukyan Answered: Will the correction be done in Bitcoin? – In the world of crypto money, happy and happy days are happening. Ascension has become so much that it is possible to see double-digit rises in most crypto currencies.

Although the reasons for the factors affecting the uptrend continue to be searched, we see that there are many reasoned explanations rather than single-reason explanations. However, a common point among the factors affecting the rise in the statements is that more institutional investors are highlighted than individual investors.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the rise of the rise in question, we inadvertently come across analysts. Their price forecasts and warnings are carefully monitored in the crypto-money world, and the investor determines which step he will take towards crypto-money in his own world of thought.

He said extremely unobtrusive way answer to this question in response to a question on the form crypto money as one of the names shaping the world as a stage where there Whipped Manukyan Bitcoin can chant whether or not any correction in Turkey, the first round will not know. Therefore, the second round does not make a prediction for the answer to a question he did not know in the first round. However, Shant Manukyan indicated that the target of $ 8,300 in Bitcoin is seen as a sale and thus a correction may be made and then it sets a target price of $ 9,700 in Bitcoin.

I don't know this time because I didn't know the answer to the question of "Is there a correction here?" But the 8300 target was seen and a sale would certainly be healthy. Then 9700.

– Shant Manukyan (@SantManukyan) May 14, 2019

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