Baltimore Struggles to Tackle Ransomware Attack as Hackers Demand $10,000 per Day

The entire United States’ city of Baltimore is heading through what can be termed as a communication network blackout. Zero Hedge report published May 23, 2019, stated that the hackers who conducted the ransomware attack to crumple the city’s communication are now demanding $10,000 dollar worth of bitcoin per day.

Baltimore Servers Could Take Months to Recover

The first week of May didn’t go well for the city of Baltimore and its government. Hackers were able to seize control of some of the major government systems and the city’s communication network while also shutting off important services and processes. On the first day of the ransomware attack, the hackers put forward a demand of $100,000 worth of bitcoins (13 BTC) to free the 10,000+ computers they had hacked…

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