Owning and P2P trading Bitcoin is legal in China, top Chinese lawyer claims

A top law representative and council member of the People’s Bank of China recently spoke publicly that it is actually legal to own Bitcoin and do P2P trading in China. 

The Chinese government ban to Bitcoin as well as the moves they take to combat its use has been widely known. That said, the real-life implementations of the ban have been told differently by many people.

Recently, a top law representative at the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) came out and told his “version” of the story.

Sa Xiao, a Council Member at the PBOC’s Law Research Association said in public that it is “legal to own Bitcoin in China”.

His statement was reported by local media, the Beijing News, which then tweeted by CnLedger.

1/ “It is legal to own bitcoins in China” says Sa Xiao,…

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