Litecoin Hits 13 Month High as Halving Fomo Mounts, Where Next For LTC?

Crypto markets in general have been in consolidation for over a week, largely waiting for Bitcoin to make its next move. Litecoin, however, has not been waiting around as it continues to surge hitting a new high for over a year.

Yesterday’s green has been followed by today’s red for Bitcoin and the majority of altcoins. The only one bucking the trend is Litecoin which continues to push higher as halving fomo intensifies. A few hours ago during early Asian trading LTC hit $140, its highest price since mid-May 2018. The move has added a further 10 percent to Litecoin over the past few hours. It has since leveled out at around $139.

Litecoin prices 24 hours –

Market cap has now reached $8.6 billion eclipsing both Bitcoin Cash and EOS which were above LTC just a few…

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