Half Million Bitcoin (BTC) Whale Movement in Binance! – Today about half a million Bitcoin (BTC) whale movements have emerged, allegedly being sent to an account at the leading Bitcoin and crypto currency exchange Binance.

0 / There was a series of large $ BTC transfers in block 580237 for a total output of 496,261.03432146 BTC or 2.8% of the circulating supply. Out of those 407,357 (82%) came in 7 transactions, all of which are known to one of the following @binance wallet 1NDyJtNT…

– Rptr45 (@ Rptr45) June 11, 2019

About half a million pieces of Bitcoin moved by whales

According to the tweet of Rptr45's Twitter user, 58,000 BTCs were sent by giant whales in 7 separate transactions and a total of 496,261 Bitcoin whale movements were detected. Bitcoin crossed $ 8,000 today again, but soon the price slipped down. Approximately half a million Bitcoins transported by whales account for 2.8% of the BTC circulation in the market. Twitter has Rptr45's tweets:

A total of 496,261 BTC outputs were experienced in the 0/580237 block. These BTCs account for 2.8% of the supply in circulation. 58 thousand BTC was sent by whales in 7 separate transactions. These BTCs moved to Binance, the Bitcoin and crypto currency exchange.

When transferring Bitcoins, 7 large transactions took place. There were also small amounts of BTC transfers. According to Twitter's tweet, the transferred address is 1NDyJtNT…. starts with. This address is specified as an Binance address.

It is not possible for investors to escape from the tail wings of whales

It is a known fact that Bitcoin and crypto whales have a serious impact on the prices in the market with their transactions. Because, the crypto currency markets, which are largely irregular and relatively small, are more prone to manipulation than traditional markets. It is not easy to do, but also produces less results. Crypto markets are also more open to new or naive processors that are more likely to panic in market tanks.

The inevitable growing pains of the manipulation, Bitcoin and crypto markets are expected to disappear as the markets mature and expand. As long as investors are driven by fear and greed, it is unlikely that crypto markets will soon escape from the tail wings of whales. Let's see how today's major BTC movement will create a fluctuation in the market.

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