Warren Buffett’s lunch with Justin Sun moves to San Francisco

Tron CEO Justin Sun is shaking things up.

If it wasn’t enough that billionaire investor Warren Buffett—who detests all things crypto—has to sit down with the Tron founder and seven of his crypto friends, the venue for the meat-up has also been switched. The annual “power lunch,” which Sun bought for an eye-watering $4.6 million, has taken place in the same New York steakhouse for the last 15 years (apart from a two year stint in Omaha). But this year, it’s heading back to San Francisco, where one of the first meals was held in 2000.

The lunch will take place at a restaurant in the Bay Area on July 25. The specific location hasn’t been revealed yet, nor the exact time. But Sun has said the move was designed to “bridge the gap between the world of blockchain and…

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