Miss Hong Kong Explains ‘Bitcoin Time Traveller’ On Biggest TV Channel

The winner of the Miss Hong Kong 2015 pageant has appeared on the territory’s most popular TV channel explaining the ‘Bitcoin Time Traveler’ theory.

Explaining The ‘Bitcoin Time-Traveler’ Theory

The theory stems from a Reddit post made in 2013, by a user named Luke Magnotta. In it, he claimed to be a time traveler from the year 2025 and gave a detailed description of how Bitcoin had created a political dystopia.

Part of the post detailed the rise in bitcoin price up until 2013, and how it would continue to rise in the future. Essentially it stated that the approximate tenfold increases each year would slow down to occur every two years. So the sequence of $0.1 – 2010, $1 – 2011, $10 – 2012, $100 – 2013, would continue as follows:

$1000 in 2015, $10,000 in 2017,…

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