Binance Makes its First Move to the US Market with a Vital Partnership

Binance partners with BAM, a FinCen certified trading service, to reach out to the US market officially
CZ, Binance CEO expresses his excitement
BAM’s FinCen registry status is not clear

On June 13, 2019, reports have surfaced that Binance is making a clear intention of expanding into the US market through a partnership with BAM Trading services who are registered by FinCen. However, Binance has not issued a specific timeline for the launch.

The company announced its partnership with BAM Trading Services in setting up a new trading platform, Binance U.S, with the U.S customers as their target market. BAM will accommodate Binance U.S operations, with the use of its wallet inclusive of matching engine technologies.

The Unique Market of Binance

Initially, Binance had pointed out…

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