goLance seeks Ripple’s help to integrate faster, efficient payment solutions

Michael Brooks, Co-founder and CEO of goLance, recently shared the news that goLance was taking Ripple’s help to integrate its payment gateways and facilitate easier and faster cross-border payments for users across the world.

Brooks broke the news during the 2019 American Business Awards ceremony, going on to thank Ripple after winning 3 Stevie awards.

Paralect, an IT services company also partnered with goLance, congratulated goLance on the same and stated,

“We’re beyond happy to congratulate our partners and friends at goLance on their 2019 Stevie Awards. Our team has worked with goLance since 2014 and continues to refine the product that is attracting more and more freelance talent around the world… Most recently, we’ve developed a solution to add the…

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