Facebook Makes Important Transfers for Crypto Project According to Financial Times – The Financial Times announced on June 14 that Facebook has hired Ed Bowles, Public Relations President of Standard Chartered Bank.

According to the report, Facebook has hired the top bank lobbyist to address further regulatory scrutiny in Europe through plans to provide its crypto assets and other financial services to 2.4 billion users. Bowles will join the company in September and will reportedly become a London-based public policy director.

Earlier today, the news has come to light after rumors that Facebook has received support from institutions including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Uber for the ra Libra için for the project.

A Facebook administrator in Europe recently confirmed that the introductory bulletin summarizing the principles of the crypto currency will be published on June 18th.

As a Cointelegraph analysis points out, both Facebook and Telegram are examples of major social platforms that work quietly on their crypto currency tokens.

Telegram, an encrypted instant messaging service, officially released a test client for the Telegram Open Network (TON) in late May. In addition to the TON Lite Client, users can now upload a configuration file by connecting the Lite Client to a test server for Smart Contract development.

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Facebook Hires UK Bank Lobbyist Ed Bowles

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