Visa, PayPal Left Choking On Dust As Radix Distributed Ledger Processes Over 1M TPS

Scalability is a perennial problem for blockchains, sometimes it has also proved to be a controversial one. Disagreements on how best to turn Bitcoin (BTC) into a workable payments solution have splintered the community, not once but twice.

But while even a hundred transactions per second remains out of reach for the Bitcoin community, a London-based project known as Radix (XRD) found in recent tests that its own network could process more than 1.2M transactions per second.

Yes, per second.

Radix is so fast, the team say, it could (and in fact, just did) process BTC’s entire, decade-long history – roughly 400M transactions with 460M wallet addresses – in fifteen minutes and six seconds, across 1,000 Nodes.

Not only does that make Radix faster than pretty much every other…

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