Building blocks of DID (Decentralized identifiers)

Building blocks of DID are :

* Wallets * Agents * Hubs * DID * DID Document * Verified Credentials * Issuers * Verifiers

SSI and Building blocks are used for :

1. To support routing and connection (VIA PKI) between two DIDs 2. To support the issuance of verifiable credentials to individual and organizations.3. To support the verification of verifiable credentials that individuals and organizations process.


Wallets are an application to manage public/private key pairs.
It run on mobile phones, personal computers, home servers, game consoles, or dedicated hardware devices.
Wallets = private keys associated with DIDs + Public keys + other data say verifiable credentials.


Agents are similar to wallets in that they store public/private key pairs, but they can do more.

2. Ledgers are too large to fit on a mobile .

3. It serve as an interface to the ledger, to cache keys and records relevant to the user

4. DID Documents will include pointers to service endpoints for the agent if agents are implemented.

5. Individuals manage the verified credentials they have with companies,governments, and institutions in their wallets or agents.

6. Agents/hubs are anticipateto do things on behalf of an individual identity, like make decisions, share data, or execute other instructions by a smart contract.


Multiple agents together form a hub

Hub = multiple agents

example a company creates an identity hub for its IT department’s 100 employees

Identity hub = 100 agents

Verified Credentials

Verifiable credentials are pieces of data attested by a thirdparty , example university.

2. Institutions can issue Verifiable Credentials to the user wallet .

3. Institutions sign the verifiable credentials with their private key.

Issuers and Verifiers

Issuer is the party who will issue the verifiable credentials to a user. example university issues degree as verifiable credentials to a student.

verifier is the party who verifies if the degree is not fake and is of same person. example your company verifies your verifiable credentials.

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