Ethereum “ETH 2.0” Genesis Block May Launch in January 2020

The horizon is materializing for Ethereum.

The public blockchain’s developers are currently hard at work on actualizing the project’s “ETH 2.0” Serenity upgrade, which will ultimately see the scaling triumvirate of Plasma, Casper, and sharding activated on Ethereum. Now, a tentative date has been set for when the ETH 2.0 genesis block may launch: January 3rd, 2020.

Nothing is definite for now, but Ethereum Foundation researcher Justin Drake said on Thursday during the 19th ETH 2.0 Implementers Call that date was a reasonable target and could end up being selected for the activation of the Beacon Chain of Serenity’s “Phase Zero,” the first of several development stages planned for the ETH 2.0 transition.

That initial phase will finalize Ethereum’s shift from proof-of-work…

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