Mesh Networkers GoTenna to Leverage Bitcoin for Decentralized Comms

The minds behind the off-grid mesh networking startup goTenna have spun off a new subsidiary, Global Mesh Labs, to pursue an open-source plan of incentivizing decentralized comms via bitcoin micropayments on the Lightning Network.

That plan, actualized in the form of the Lot49 protocol that goTenna engineer Richard Myers and company co-founder Daniela Perdomo spearheaded, aims to make reliable, peer-to-peer, and low bandwidth comms made through mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) a viable alternative to centralized ISPs and mobile carriers.

Specifically, Lot49 is designed to use MANETs and payment channels, a la the Lightning Network, to incentivize an international global messaging network, i.e. Lot49 relay nodes receive payments for successful transmissions.

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