Hey Charles when is the next AMA?

We know you have been busy flying around the world but we would really like to know how far peer review is for the Shelley specifications. The understanding as per below is the shelley code can not even be written until peer review is completed. So where exactly is shelley? and when will the Testnet be out?


take are Charles, hope to hear from you soon as i know you keep an eye on what is being said here.


* The formal specifications have been submitted for review, the code is still waiting to be written.
* The testnet is yet to be released.
* Cardano’s Proof of Stake set up will not be typical to other platforms that already exist.
* Cardano will be slow to open the doors to the public in regards to being able to stake their coins and receive rewards. The initial blocks of this new set up will be validated by the centralized entity that is OBFT. Once the initial blocks are successful, more and more slots will be made available to other staking pools and eventually OBFT will be phased out of that role altogether.
* Eventually staking nodes will be able to advance their validating capabilities.

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