Dogecoin Price Analysis: DOGE Is Moving To Bearish From Bullish Market

The followers of Dogecoin are still waiting for an announcement of some big project. However, there are no such big fat projects we have noticed these days. But one has to agree that even with the image of the coin that started as a Joke is now competing in the market with millions of users and traders already.

MEME coin is not taken seriously, but in order to increase and admire the gravity of the same, Dogecoin must come up with some real time projects soon.

Price Analysis of DOGE on 14th June 2019:

On 14th June at 21:04:31 UTC, the value of Doge is trading at $0.00298371. The remaining essentials are as follows:

Return of Investment448.75%Market Ranking29Circulating Supply119,933,947,758 DOGETotal Supply119,933,947,758 DOGEMarket Cap367,749,650 USD24 Hour Volume58,379,342 USDDOGE Price…

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