TechCrunch Writer Draws Parallels Between Facebook’s Libra and Kik’s Kin


One crucial differenceCrypto as a hedge

In a recent op-ed article, TechCrunch writer Darrell Etherington compared Facebook’s recently announced Libra coin to Kik’s Kin token that appeared in the SEC’s crosshairs. It seems that the two projects have striking similarities, but it remains to be seen whether Facebook will face the same level of regulatory scrutiny.

One crucial difference

As reported by U.Today, the SEC took Kik to court over an allegedly illegal ICO on June 4. Prior to that, the Canada-based company launched the ‘Defend Crypto’ crowdfunding campaign to fight the US regulator.

While Kik is entangled in the legal battle, another (much, much bigger) social network has recently presented its own cryptocurrency. Unless you decided to take a break from the…

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