Tom Lee Discusses Bitcoin's New Goal and Facebook's Crypt – Fundstrat's founder and Bitcoin bull Tom Lee, signaling a major upswing in Bitcoin as usual, claiming he can easily access the new ATH in a new section of CNBC's Futures Now program. The number one criterion currency has recently gone down slightly, and is currently hovering above $ 9,000.

Tom Lee: Facebook's crypto money, a bullish development for Bitcoin

Tom Lee claims that Facebook's recent announcements are a doğrulama complete verification gösteren that shows that the main companies are now focusing on Bitcoin and crypto currencies. That's why Tom Lee stands against those who say, "Blockchain is superior to Bitcoin." Tom Lee made the following statement for Facebook's crypto money:

I think this is actually a very bullish-oriented development for Bitcoin. But for stablecoins, I think it's a really bad development.

Tom Lee also thinks that companies like Gemini will struggle with the adoption, adding that Facebook's crypto currency, Libra, will be the dominant stablecoin.

According to Tom Lee, we are now at a "deep level" in the bull market.

Bitcoin has recently risen over $ 9,000 for the first time this year. Bitcoin, just 4 percent of his days spent on this level. Therefore, Tom Lee insists that we are "deep in the bull market" at the moment.

Commenting on Tom Lee's forecast of ascension, Anthony Grisanti said Bitcoin would be taking a long position when he touched $ 9,500. According to these analysts, it could easily lead to $ 10,000. Earlier, Lee said that this price level would trigger the highest FOMO level. Tom Lee said of his short-term goal for Bitcoin:

I set my target at $ 10,200 and quit trade.

Brian Stutland: The way to re-sync everyone is through Bitcoin

Grisanti B college Brian Stutland claims that Bitcoin could indeed be a hedge asset for fiat money controlled by central banks. Brian Stutland said:

The central bank is another way of creating socialism. It only prints more money. The way to re-sync everyone is through Bitcoin.

As previously reported by, according to experts, political turmoil is a very useful argument for the crypto king.

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