Why can the "wavefield super community" with hundreds of millions of yuan in the name of the project party be able to run for nearly half a year?

According to the analysis of the security company, the value of the token involved is at least 200 million yuan.

Original title: "The fund disk "wave field super community" running out of cash, why is Sun Yuchen always attentive? 》

Author: king

Operation: Gai Yao

Editor: Lu Xiaoming

Source: Odaily Planet Daily

At the beginning of the bull market, the dealer did not harvest, and the fund was harvested.

According to the security company Chengdu Chain Security, the number of wallets that run for a few months is close to 20.

First, the "first fund of the currency circle" PlusToken runs the headlines of major communities and media. At the same time, another once-popular fund "wavefield super zone" quietly took the opportunity to run and harvest users.

At 10:00 am on June 30, the Wave Field Super Community App closed and it was suspected that it had already run. Wallet assets have been transferred out two weeks ago, and investors are currently unable to withdraw cash. Then, July 1…

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