Happy Birthday Monero: introducing Minko

#Introducing [](


Monero’s ability to provide privacy and fungibility is technically dependent on sufficient diverse (and even better, legal) usage taking place on the network. In short, the higher the number of varied transactions the happier and more secure we all are.

I’m excited to introduce Minko, a social gambling platform that respects your privacy, aka a cool Monero game and the first of its kind. And hopefully, a fun way to raise donations for Monero development (see below). Bonus: it also provides a fun visualization of Monero transactions when you want to demonstrate the effectiveness of the network to newcomers.

It is currently in Beta version, so it may be a bit rough around the edges. But we really wanted to release something fun for the anniversary, and feedback is more than welcome!

*PS: the official reddit handle is /u/minko_to*
*PSS: to avoid any ambiguity associated with my role: while this project aims to contribute donations to Monero development, it is not affiliated with the Core Team.*


##Donations to Monero development


The first month of profits will be donated entirely to the Monero general donation fund (you can donate any time there at [](

If Minko is at a loss after a month (in case players are lucky), don’t worry it’s on us.

We wish to keep financially contributing long term to Monero development and will define the best way forward after this first month (with more knowledge of what to expect in terms of traffic).


##Provable fairness / odds


The game is provably fair, all details are explained on the site. The odds are higher than 98.24% on each of the different colors. In other words, the house edge is smaller than 1.76%.


# Happy 5 years Monero, we’re just getting started.

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