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I am asking this question here as my post got pulled down on r/bitcoin

I am a new LTC fan, due to the low fees and how easy it is to trade. Last few months, I was incurring losses by investing in bitcoin. When I was buying bitcoin, it was easy. But when I was doing business with, selling items online and buying, I realized that there was a huge fee and it took quite some time for the transaction amount to be cleared. However, when I switched over to litecoin, I saw that it was much more easier to trade with and much more efficient. Fees were extremely low or non-existent. When I was buying something for 3 USD for bitcoin, I would be charged 0.99 USD fee. However when I was using litecoin for almost that same amount, I was not charged any fee at all. Why are there high fees for bitcoin but really low fees for LTC? Secondly, the buying and selling prices. When I bought bitcoin, for eg 0.05 BTC, it cost be $500. However, when I wanted to sell it, the selling price differed by almost a hundred dollars. However when I used LTC, saw the price difference of only 0.50 USD to 1 USD, which not a big deal. Why is there such a huge price difference?

What do you think?

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