John McAfee Exposed His Social Security Number to the Entire Internet

“Cybersecurity expert” and noted crypto pumper John McAfee accidentally revealed his Social Security Number this morning, tweeting out some documents that contained the information.

CCN has determined it would be unethical to post a screenshot since the anti-virus pioneer has already deleted the tweets, but we retained the link.

McAfee later tweeted the same documents, this time with his Social Security Number hidden.

A blatant example of U.S. Government lies about me. Sputnik news asked the IRS about my claims that they wanted me. They denied it. Below are screenshots of the Sputnik article and images of their Grand Jury documents asking for indictment. Wake up America!

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) July 11, 2019

Unfortunately for McAfee, we weren’t…

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