Bitcoin Price Should be About $10 Million – If All BTC Were Mined

The price of the world’s leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization, bitcoin, is often seen riding on a roller coaster. Sudden spikes take the price up to almost $20,000 as seen back in 2017, and sudden drops bring it to the lows of even $3,000s as seen at the beginning of this year.

At the time of writing, bitcoin is standing at around $11,627 while showing a major 3.08% increase in the past 24 hours alone. So the million dollar question in this scenario is: what is the actual worth of bitcoin? What should be the digital asset’s natural price irrespective of the bull and bear runs?

BlockPublisher got in touch with the co-founder of (a private key security company), Colin Aulds, as he opined about the possible natural price or worth of bitcoin. As per…

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