Sample of the rise of small and medium-sized exchanges: How does it go from obscurity to "newcomers in the industry"

The exchange is crowded with players, and it is no easy task to break through.

In May last year, the trading mining model led by FCoin was in full swing, and dozens of followers flocked to it. Unfortunately, due to mechanism issues, FCoin

 Soon retreat, many imitators have not escaped the fate of shuffling out.

In fact, in the case of the three platforms of the currency security, fire currency, and OKEx, the industry has been waiting to see which ones stand out.

Since its establishment in June last year to March this year, BiKi, which has been silent, is just an ordinary member of thousands of exchange players. However, on March 26th, a “node capital founder Du Jun” invested heavily.

 The news of BiKi quickly brought it into everyone's field of vision.

At this time, people discovered that they have crossed the bear market for half a year…

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