EthTrader Erc-20 Fund – Now Live!

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For those who do not know, the Melon Protocol v1.0 launched in March 2019. It is now possible for anyone to create and manage an investment fund on Ethereum, powered by Melon!

**I have created the EthTrader ERC-20 Fund.** It includes these 5 ERC-20 tokens: **MKR, BAT, REP, 0x, KNC.**

The amount of each asset is based on market cap, which means today’s launch of the fund is made of (approximately):

**Maker 42.9%**

**BAT 30%**

**0x 12.4%**

**REP 11.67**

**KNC 2.8% KNC**

I put a little over $100 into the fund as a start.

**The fund will be re-balanced based on market cap every 7 days.** This means every 7 days, I will take any WETH invested into the fund and use it to buy assets based on market cap.

**Note:** The Melon protocol is still new and currently only supports a handful of assets. By the end of the year and into the future, Melon will support many, many more assets, assets types (Not just ERC20s), and features. I chose these 5 ERC-20 tokens as a base to start with. I expect the EthTrader ERC-20 fund to be redeployed in the future with other assets and new features based on community feedback. This is only the beginning.

Although Melon is very young, setting this all up was easy. Let this post serve as proof that now anyone, even those with little to no experience in asset management can now easily open a fund or invest in another’s fund using Melon.

**Questions you might have:**

**What does this mean, why should I do this?**

This means you can send ETH to one place and be investing in 5 different assets at once, this convenience will only increase as Melon supports more assets.

**Can I steal your coins?**

No. Investors retain custody of their assets at all times. Investors are free to walk away at any time. The fund manager cannot remove any assets from the fund other than their own.

**Is there a fee?**

Other than gas needed to pay for actions, Managers set their fees at the creation of the fund, both performance and management fees. I set performance to 0%, and management fee to 0.5% every 90 days. This means if you put $100 into the fund the fee would be approximately $0.50 every 90 days.

**Why are you doing this?**

Mostly for fun, and kind of a community experiment! I think Melon is an awesome technology that deserves more attention. Not sure how far this will or could go. Full disclosure: I own MLN.

**Okay, how do I do this?**

It’s easy! Download the Melon Manager Interface from [github here]( Use it to create a Melon wallet. Send some ETH to that wallet, wrap it and turn it into WETH with the wrap button, find the EthTrader ERC-20 Fund on the list and hit invest!

**Note:**You will need ETH in the wallet to pay for the gas needed to wrap or unwrap the ETH, and some left over pay the gas required to invest in the fund.

**Most data, history, and status of the fund [can be tracked here](**

That’s all for now! **First re-balance is July 8th!** Here are links for more info!

[Melon Council Medium Blog](

[Official Gitter Chat]( (Melon developers reside here)

[Melon Discord Chat](

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