Poloniex and KuCoin support upcoming TRC20-based USDT $30M incentive plan

More exchanges support the upcoming TRC20-based USDT giveaway that will distribute a total of $30 million to hodlers. 

More TRC20-based USDT hodlers will be able to enjoy the incentive from TRON. Two major exchanges, Poloniex and KuCoin just announced their support for the upcoming giveaway worth $30 million.

This means that both exchanges’ users who hodl TRC20-based USDT will be able to take part in the incentive plan that will run for 30 days starting from July 15th.

According to their official announcement, Poloniex confirms that they’re all set to convert a certain amount of Omni-based Tether (USDT) to TRON-based.

The exact converted amount will determine the total amount receivable from the giveaway, which then will be distributed to hodlers accordingly.

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