Just for oldschool purposes, new RonPaulCoin thread was started since the old one was deleted

This new one will be more heavily moderated if need be. Posts should stay on topic pertaining to RonPaulCoin discussion, not to sharing Ron Paul speeches from the past. People offering to update the old wallets, which still work btw, or free exchange listings, offers to buy RPC to fund more development/features for the community/coin, that stuff is okay.

All the links in this new ANN work fine and the wallets are very same old wallets from 2014 and they still work fine. Earlier this year a programmer in Europe was hired to create some tipping bots (reddit and twitter) and also created a daemon file. He also created new updated wallets but we haven’t tested them thoroughly and those are not listed. And in case anyone is interested, the market for that coin has been very thin for some months now. Last year it slowly coasted up to around $.75/coin. There was a huge buy order on Cryptopia last March up to $3/coin and *cough* Nick Spainos *cough* could have been the purchaser *sneeze*. I’ve been quite surprised and impressed at the lack of pumps and dumps, if any, the coin has had to endure over the past couple of years. It just hasn’t gotten a lot of attention from more than a few people from around the globe.

[F]( free to help bump this thread up from time to time. Remember max supply of 2.1 million coins, half are in circulation, and it’s prices have been flooring for the last couple of months between 100 and 200 satoshis. RPC came out in late 2013 at a whopping $45/coin with no premine. Happy crypto’ing!


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