Another family hacked under the hacker's hands: Bitpoint stopped taking 3 billion yen of stolen assets

With the recovery of the cryptocurrency market, the hacking activities of the exchanges have gradually increased.

On July 12th, Bitpoint Japan, a licensed cryptocurrency exchange in Japan, issued an official announcement saying that emergency system maintenance will be carried out at 6:30-12:00 Tokyo time. But the strange thing is that when the maintenance has not been completed, Bitpoint Japan has issued a second announcement saying that it will stop all services including transactions and sending and receiving payments at 10:30 Tokyo time. The service recovery date is undetermined and will be posted separately on the company's homepage.

Subsequently, Bitpoint Japan's operating parent company, Remixpoint, announced that it had confirmed that Bitpoint Japan had been stolen from the encrypted assets on the evening of July 11. The stolen currency is currently determined to include XRP, and the initial loss is estimated at around 3.5 billion yen.

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