Use Ubertooth to monitor Bluetooth communication

As a white person who has not used Ubertooth, try to build Ubertooth environment from scratch, related configuration, dependency, to monitor Bluetooth data, and Wireshark for Bluetooth data monitoring and analysis.

Environmental description

VMWare version: 14.0.0 build-6661328

Operating system: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS

Ubertooth software version: ubertooth 2018-12-R1

Libbtbb version: libbtbb 2018-12-R1

Wireshark version: Version 2.6.6 (Git v2.6.6 packaged as 2.6.6-1~ubuntu14.04.0)

The purpose of this compilation and installation is to be able to view and analyze the monitored Bluetooth packets with Wireshark, so it requires two parts: Ubertooth (application ontology) and libbtbb (Bluetooth baseband library, with the Wireshark plugin in the source code).

There is actually a part that needs attention, attached to Ubertooth…

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