I’m scared.

Okay. So im in this since Q3 2016. But never before did I ever feel this anxious about bitcoin and crypto in general.

Sure 2018 was hard and the price might have went down to far. But know here we are. Fundamentals didnt really change, no mass media hype, grandma is not asking anymore-but we went x4 in a few months and not only that, but we where the only ones doing so. Meanwhile tether prints money like they never did before and bitcoin keeps rising.
Intermittent this sub consists of 90% mediocre memes and it feels like there are almost no new people coming in. Its like everyone simply stoped caring at all.

Maybe the last bear left me a bit to sceptical, but something just doesnt feel right.
I hope you guys can make me feel better.

What do you think?

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