Mars University Global Blockchain 2019 Summer class schedule is released, officially opened in Tokyo on July 23 (with complete curriculum)

Wang Feng, the sponsor of Mars Finance, led the team, and more than 20 first-line elites, investors and scholars, including Wu Jihan and Sun Yuchen, as lecturers in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, New York and San Francisco, and started in July, only 36 people. .

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On July 11, Mars University officially announced the 2019 summer class schedule. Course content coverage Facebook

 Libra, Wall Street digital currency war, comparative analysis of Sino-US blockchain market, cryptocurrency exchange, public chain and DApp, crypto asset allocation and quantitative investment, blockchain startup incubation and investment ecology.

In addition, Mars University announced that it will officially start on July 23. The course lasts for 6 months and the first course will be officially opened in Tokyo.

 By then, 25…

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