Crypto Markets Plunge Below $300 Billion as Altcoins Bleed Out

Crypto currency markets have slumped almost $20 billion as bitcoin and its brethren continue to slide this weekend. The digital avalanche picked up pace around an hour ago when BTC fell through resistance and $11,000 dragging all of the altcoins into the quagmire with it.


Bitcoin bounced back to resistance at $11,500 a few hours ago as news emerged that the Tether printers were churning out currency once again. It turned out that the initial reports of $5 billion in USDT flooding the markets were fake and the actual amount was 50 million for part of a swap from Omni to Tron Tether.

Since then Bitcoin has been on the back foot, dumping almost 8 percent, or $900, back to $10,600 which is its lowest level since the beginning of the month. Trader ‘The Cryptomist’…

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