Famous Model Announces Interest in Bitcoin Following Trump's Statements

Kriptokoin – Famous Model Chrissy Teigen expresses his interest in learning Bitcoin, crypto enthusiasts respond enthusiastically.

Bitcoin tweets from President Trump are just the opposite. A criticism can inevitably mean the advertisement of a product. Therefore, Trump's statements serve as a PR for the largest crypto currency, as many crypto currency enthusiasts have stated.

The famous Chrissy Teigen tweeted that she doesn't know yet, but there are two things to research and experiment.

bitcoin and tiktok

– christine teigen (chrissyteigen) July 13, 2019

Tweet 4,406 times, retweeted 51,015 times and received 593 comments so far, including famous crypto figures.

Pom I'll give you a 10-minute summary of Bitcoin, Anthony said Anthony Pompliano.

Chrissy – I'll give you the 10 minute summary on Bitcoin.

Then you can go viral on Bitcoin twitter over and over again.

– Pomp 🌪 (APompliano) July 13, 2019

Similarly, Branden Hampton said that John Legend could teach Bitcoin to his wife in five minutes and even offer his BTC free of charge.

DM me I’ll teach you 5 minutes or less and I’ll give you some Bitcoin for free.

– Branden Hampton (@CEO) July 14, 2019

Michael Nye also offered to send a free BTC, but first suggested to Teigen that he should download the Coinbase app.

Download Coinbase via the app store, set up an account, post your “receiving” address in this thread, and I’ll send you some Bitcoin!

Easy, and no better way to understand the future of finance!

– Nye (MrMichaelNye) July 13, 2019

Katherine Wu, former business development director of Messari, a New York-based crypto research company, commented on both TikTok and Bitcoin.

Tiktok is a terribly addicting mix of YouTube + Vine 📽

Think of bitcoin as gold, but in digital form 💰

– Katherine Wu @katherineykwu July 13, 2019

Strangely enough, Kevin Pham, an impressive and Bitcoin SV fan, immediately refuted Wu's statement.

This is the correct definition:

Bitcoin is a public distributed database in which a global network of transaction processors compete to write data to the database in order to earn the ledger's native commodity money (bitcoin).

– Kevin Pham (@_Kevin_Pham) July 14, 2019

On the other hand, Pierre Rochard is inspired to create more educational content about Bitcoin.

I need to create more bitcoin educational content 😅

– Pierre Rochard (pierre_rochard) July 14, 2019

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