Ripple Executive Revealed The Strategy To Transform Cross-Border Payments – Plans Include Boosting XRP

Ripple Executive Revealed The Strategy To Transform Cross-Border Payments – Plans Include Boosting XRP

Ripple and XRP refuse to leave the spotlight this year due to many achievements and increased recognition. Ripple enthusiasts and the XRP army of fans are only waiting to see XRP’s price mirroring all this success.

Ripple plans to bring DLT to the masses

Ripple has revealed more of its plan to grow the digital assets ecosystem and bring DLT to the masses.

During a recent roundtable that has been hosted by Amazon Web Services in NYC, the director of strategic growth at Ripple’s investment arm Xpring detailed the company’s strategy.

Vanessa Alexandra Pestritto says Ripple is pushing to grow the blockchain industry at large in addition to boosting cross-border payments and use of the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, XRP.

“From an industry standpoint, we believe that there’s going to be multiple ledgers that will be used in different verticals. We don’t think it’s just going to be one to serve them all. So when we take a look at different investments we’d like to make or people we’d like to partner with, we are looking at the infrastructure layer and seeing who also has the alignment of values and view of interoperability,” she said.

She continued and explained, as cited by the onlinepublication the Daily Hodl, “I recently made an investment in Agoric, and that is a secure smart contract platform that can integrate into other layer ones. And this is going to allow for the ability to eventually make cross payments into other chains, but that’s deep and way ahead in the future. But that’s how far ahead we’re thinking.”

You can read the complete details of what she had to say in the original article.

Ripple has been gaining increased recognition, as we reported earlier today. The company has just been praised alongside Circle by an important name in the financial sector.

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