[SkyPeople] TRON Independence day Live Streaming Summary & SR Node update


This is CM Sean from **SkyPeople.**

Today TRON Independence day Live Streaming has been done and I would like to share the summary of it!

+ SkyPeople SR Node Update — Odyssey 3.6 version is completed.

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#### TRON Independence day Live Streaming Summary — June 25th

– There will be more Dapps using the Sun Network in 3rd, 4th Quarter
– TRC10,20 tokens will be supported in Opera browser 
– TRON is the 3rd Public chain that Tether approved
– **[BitTorrent Speed]** Crypto wallet integration in BitTorrent. Wallet will be variously used for new clients. BT Speed Beta version will be available by next week. 
– **[BitTorrent File System]** BTFS is the digital storage using the p2p mechanism. Decentralized Clould service. Low cost / High performance / low Debuffer cost. Information will be available in Q3.
– **NiTron Summit 2020** will be held in Seoul, South Korea 
– TRON Buyback Program will be running
 → Budget is 20M USD
 → Buyback will be done in TRON Secondary market
 → Details will be opened to public soon
– BitTorrent Live Debuffer mode will be launched
– Justin Sun’s opinion towrads Facebook “Libra” : Facebook does not have a good reputation now, but they have a lot of user pool and it will bring a good effect of Blockchain massive adoption. Libra is much welcomed in Blockchain industry.
– TRON is working on cooperation with ZK-Snarks which have a Privacy feature
 → ZK-Snarks is zero knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge
 → Ethereum get into ZK solution an year ago, and TRON will be too. More information will be updated in Q3
– BT Live news will be updated in Q3~4
– TRON team will join Asian Blockchain Summit as well.

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We are still working hard on New Dapp game developing! 
Wait for the Next Dev note!

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