Bitcoin and Crypto Money Revolution Unstoppable BTC, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash Price View

Kriptokoin – Joe Kernen of CNBC said efforts to stop digital assets like Bitcoin are in vain.

In the new chapter of the Squawk Box, Kernen says efforts to put the crypto money gin back into the bottle are like trying to stop the industrial revolution.

Siniz You can take the cost of transferring money to anyone to zero. The retailer like Amazon led to zero. Such a move can affect others and they can lead to zero. Do you know how strong this will be? It will leave many people unemployed. This kind of creative destruction – like trying to stop the industrial era. And you can't stop it. ”

In response, Bitcoin bull Anthony Pompliano, CEO of asset management firm Morgan Creek Digital, thought for a moment to emphasize the importance of the US President and the Federal Reserve Chairman's address to Bitcoin in the national and international arena, and said:

“Yesterday was a great day, and you have to remember that gold is a $ 7 trillion asset that has existed for thousands of years. Bitcoin is $ 200 billion. It's been ten and a half years. Now we have the President of the Federal Reserve talk about how they are alternatives to each other. And then you got the president to talk about it and get him to approve it.

Ten and a half years ago, if you said the President was going to talk about the magic internet money, we could never have imagined it that day. And I think what we see is a change we trust. Do we trust people or do we trust algorithms to sponsor money? ”

"If you said 10.5 years ago the President of the United States is going to be tweeting about magic internet money, we would never have that day," says @APompliano on bitcoin #btc

– Squawk Box (@SquawkCNBC) July 12, 2019

At the time of writing, when we look at the top five of the crypto currency world, we see that there are effective declines. The Bitcoin / USD rate is trading at 10.737, down 5%.

Declines in Ethereum have reached 9%. The Ethereum is trading at $ 246. XRP is trading at $ 326, down 4%, and Litecoin is down by 7% to $ 94, while Bitcoin Cash is down at $ 326, down 4%.

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Bitcoin And Crypto Revolution Is Unstoppable, Says CNBC’s Joe Kernen