Bitcoin And Crypto Revolution Is Unstoppable, Says CNBC’s Joe Kernen

Bitcoin has been gaining more and more recognition, and the crypto space is expanding with each day as well.

Cryptos’ popularity has been on the rise, especially this year due to various achievements and enhanced adoption of digital assets.

Cryptos cannot be stopped

CNBC’s Joe Kernen just said that all efforts to stop crypto are futile.

During a brand new episode of Squawk Box, Kernen said that efforts to put the cryptos down are similar to trying to stop the industrial revolution.

“Take the friction of transferring money to whomever – you can take it to zero. Like Amazon took retail to zero. You can take [money friction] to zero. Do you know how powerful that would be? It’s going to put a lot of people out of business. This is the kind of creative destruction – it’s like trying to stop the industrial age. You can’t,” he said.

Anthony Pompliano responded by pointing out the importance of both the President of the United States and the Federal Reserve Chairman addressing Bitcoin in recent statements.

These issues placed BTC on both national and international stages.

“If you said 10.5 years ago the President of the United States is going to be tweeting about magic internet money, we would have never envisioned that day,” says @APompliano on bitcoin #btc

— Squawk Box (@SquawkCNBC) July 12, 2019

“Yesterday was such a big day in that, you have to remember that gold is a $7 trillion asset that’s been around for thousands of years. Bitcoin is $200 billion. It’s been around for ten and a half years. Now we have the Federal Reserve Chairman talking about how they’re alternatives to each other. And then you have the president coming out and acknowledging it, talking about it.”

Trump’s opinion on crypto will reportedly boost BTC

Pompliano is not the one figure in the crypto space, who says that Trump’s tweets about BTC will actually boost the coin.

Speaking of Trump’s tweets, as a response, Justin Sun invited the President to join him for lunch with Warren Buffet.

You probably recall that he’s been gathering friends to take to the famous upcoming lunch that he will be having with Buffet.

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