Boris v Macron, Who Will Win?

Parliament has fallen quiet, but elsewhere we can imagine decorators rushing around with flowers, curtains being put up, horses moving around and a scene of heightened activity as the country prepares for an historic day.

Boris Johnson has effectively dropped any pretenses, as has the country. MPs are vying for positions, the media is full of speculation. Who will get the top job? Who will rise and who will fall.

With polls continuing to show Boris the blond is in clear landslide lead, Britain is now in a situation where it has a defacto Prime Minister, but who knows, grandmas might shock.

And thus the biggest question. Will he really take UK out with no deal? Will Macron give him a push: voila, (muttering) good riddance? Will Merkel step back or like a loving grandmother, accommodate…

What do you think?

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