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This forum always seems very welcoming and willing to coach people along to help grow the currency. I’ve invested a little into bitcoin, because of my lack of confidence in the dollar, expansion of the global market, etc.. but the details of the tech and how best to secure my coins, needs a higher education. I know it probably isn’t wise to invest in something without a complete and full understanding, but it seems like people do it in the stock market every day. I purchased, “The Bitcoin Standard” and plan to read through that as fast as I can. But if people could recommend any other places to further educate myself on the mining process, network, nodes, et al. I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve lurked this sub for a few months, so if something has already been posted, I apologize.



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P2pool is soon hard forking to version 34. Upgrade required. Brings Cashaddr (BCH), P2SH, and Segwit (BTC/LTC) support, and huge performance/fairness improvements.

Chromia (CHR) is now on under the trading pairs of CHR/USDT, CHR/BTC,CHR/ETH.