"The whole people dig under the moonline to share – mining those things" wonderful summary

On July 13, 2019, the last event of the National Mining Month was held at the LITEX office of SOHO in Zhongguancun. The theme of this issue is to observe the POW ecology from a financial perspective and an algorithmic perspective.

Computing market from a financial perspective

The first thing to share is the fierce founder of veryhash, who shared the topic "The Computing Market from a Financial Perspective." Kong Meng gave a definition of Bitcoin from a financial perspective: Bitcoin is a technical method to restore the rule that “borrowing must be balanced”.

After that, Kong Meng listed several reasons for looking at Bitcoin:

Bitcoin has the attributes of art. Why Van Gogh's paintings are worthy because it has stories, imaginations, and possibilities [artistics interact with people across time and space]. 2. Bitcoin has religious attributes

 Btc Like the Bible, bch/bsv is like the battle between the Old and the Old. 3. Humanity drive…

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