Wikipedia co-founder: Blockchain world will become very different in 10 years

Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger became the Chief Information Officer of Everipedia in 2017. As of 2019, the project almost completed the first phase of the migration to the blockchain. He said, "I think it will take a few years for a mature DApp to be used by many people. We are still studying a lot of problems in the blockchain. Some DApps work well, but I think, ultimately, the future. Mature blockchain technology still has a long way to go.” Sanger believes that the characteristics of blockchain include providing economic incentives to open source developers. These concepts have not really become mainstream, as most of the work done on open source software is done by volunteers. There is not much money involved. The blockchain makes it possible for us to do the same distributed development and participation as open source software, but it adds financial incentives to users – which is very exciting. …

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"The whole people dig under the moonline to share – mining those things" wonderful summary

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