Here are World Leaders' Views on Bitcoin

Cryptokoin – Much has been said about crypto currencies so far and is still being said. Among those said, the most striking ones are the stresses of the heads of state. We have compiled the Bitcoin and blockchain statements made by world leaders.

United States President Donald Trump

I'm not even a fan of Bitcoin and other crypto coins, even if the money is non-existent, the value is quite variable and the moisture from the flying bird. Legally Unregulated Crypto Assets may facilitate illegal behavior, including drug trafficking and other illegal activities.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro

I don't know what Bitcoin is

Chinese President Xi Jinping

A new generation of technology, represented by artificial intelligence, quantum knowledge, mobile communications, the Internet of objects and the block chain, speeds up groundbreaking applications.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Federal law should aim at the development of the digital economy, including the setting of procedures to conduct civil transactions in electronic law, regulating digital financial assets and attracting financial resources using digital technologies.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa

I have appointed a Presidential Commission on the 4th Industrial Revolution to ensure the effective and more immediate use of technological change in the search for inclusive growth and social development.

French President Emmanuel Macron

Let's do this in Europe; become the pioneer of agricultural data by developing tools to track every product from raw material production to packaging and processing.

Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley

The government does not consider crypto currencies as legal money and takes all measures to prevent the use of these crypto assets for the financing of illegal activities or as part of the payment system.

Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe

In addition to financial impacts, we see that blockchain has the potential to make various industries more secure and efficient. Some local venture companies use the ip crypto-currency system ve and are trying to become the world's first business model to increase the liquidity of digital assets.

Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat

Now we will show people the added value of the technology by applying it to something they will use in their daily lives. This shows how digital transformation will affect.

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky

You can say I'm a pure dreamer, but we really want to build a country in a smartphone, a government in a smartphone. […] Innovations make all processes transparent and efficient and deprive corruption officials of corruption. If a blackmailer has digitized these documents, would he blackmail you to capture them? Would another scam change the name of its owner in the cadastral records?

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama

As part of our effort to open up new markets and create new opportunities for well-paid jobs and skilled people […] we were exploring the possibility of creating a framework that regulates the crypto currency, which is a shocking innovation these days, and the development of an opportunity to become innovative and build a center of gravity for innovative financial markets Despite the level we found it was open to every country.

President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko

Wait, we're going to build a nuclear power plant and there's going to be too much electricity … I left a place there. We will build farms and sell these Bitcoins by mining. Moreover, when there is a Bitcoin, they say there is no problem to sell it.

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