Trade BTC and LINK with up to 1000x leverage on 2xHR


After the trading competition []( it’s time for the release.

2xHR is a p2p trading platform based on BTC allowing trading with up to 1000x leverage.

You can now trade Bitcoin and Chainlink.

All trades are subject to a fee. Maker: -0.03% ; Taker: 0.05% Maker rebate for liquidity and low taker fee for volatility.

How it works?

It is very simple, each perpetual contract is worth 0.00001BTC. For instance, you want to sell [email protected] with a leverage of 1.

The collateral is Quantity * Contract / Leverage. Here, it is 50000 * 0.00001 / 1 = 0.5BTC You need 0.5BTC to place this order.

Website: [](

Overview: [](

Twitter: [](

API Examples WebSocket & REST: [](

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