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The two biggest ecosystemTron, NEO, and more

In its latest study, cryptocurrency research firm DataLight examines the biggest cryptocurrency ecosystems. Ethereum, which boasts an eye-popping $12.2 bln ecosystem is in a clear lead with 1,193 projects under its belt.

The two biggest ecosystem

Top put this into perspective, Maker, the most successful Ethereum-based cryptocurrency,  alone has a market capitalization of $736.5 mln, which is higher than eight out of ten ecosystems on the list. The same is true for BAT and Chain – both of these projects are on the CoinMarketCap top 30 list.

Omni Layer is a meta-protocol that is built atop of Bitcoin. While the ecosystem has six projects, USDT Tether, the flagship stablecoin, is almost fully responsible for its $3.2…

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