It’s game over for gold; crypto assets to capture a meaningful portion of $8 trillion gold market: Barry Silbert

Although financial systems have built on gold’s enormous usability and scarcity, Barry Silbert believes that handing over the wealth to the future generations will involve less use of the highly-valued metal. Arguing that gold shouldn’t weigh down a modern investor’s portfolio, he said:

“It’s game over (for gold). Digital currencies like bitcoin are the future.  It’s time to drop gold, go digital, go Grayscale.”

Silbert further highlighted gold’s depleting use cases, citing a steep reduction in its use in electronics and more inclination toward ornamental value. He pointed out that unlike gold, as the price for Bitcoin rises, it becomes more liquid, a better medium of exchange, and a better store of value. Grayscale’s #dropgold initiative has also…

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