According to the famous CEO, Trump Management sees Facebook's Libra as a "Good Threat"

According to Ryan Selkis, founder and CEO of Kriptokoin – Messari, Facebook's Libra is a “Good Threat için for the US dollar because it will be fixed to the value of several international currencies. For this reason, the US government sees such structuring as an attempt to separate the impact of the Federal Reserve on the dollar.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Selkis says that ’Libra has attracted attention not only in the crypto-currency world but also in the financial world as it is on the wrong side of the political cycle”.

Selkis comments come a day after US President Donald Trump targets Libra, Bitcoin and crypto currencies in general. President Trump tweeted that crypto currencies are not “admirers“. He also said Facebook will not receive any special treatment from the US government.

Ump If Facebook and other companies want to become a bank, they should sign a new Banking Agreement and be subject to all Banking Regulations, like other National and International banks, Tr Trump said.

Facebook's Libra in the world of crypto money and the cryptic flagship of Bitcoin about Trump's statements do not fall off the agenda. Now the most talked about issue is the contribution of Trump, who has millions of followers on twitter, to the field of Bitcoin tweets. Most people are now more interested in Bitcoin and crypto coins than before.

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